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Why are my brakes squeaking?

Have your Nissan's brakes ever made a high-pitched noise? If this situation sounds familiar, consider the basic reason why brakes squeal and how you can solve the problem.

Check the Brake Pads

Our certified Nissan technicians typically find that the brake pads are to blame. As you take long drives through Ada, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas of Shawnee, Durant and Davis, the brake pads begin to deteriorate. Initially, professionals remove the pads and inspect them. In order for normal braking activity to occur, the brake pads must clamp onto the rotors. Whether you drive through McAlester or Ardmore, both the brake pads and rotors are subject to wear and tear. Worn pads create the telltale squealing sound. Allow our professionals to inspect your breaks annually, so we can fix the problem before it gets worse.

Contact Ada Nissan today for all of your sales and service needs. Our Nissan dealership is pleased to answer any questions you have about your car. We want to take care of your brakes, so you can drive around Oklahoma with confidence.